ASKA Swimming

Swimming Lessons, Baby Classes, Stroke Analysis and Swimming Club

Our aim is to ensure that all our swimmers progress as quick as they possibly can - but they are in control of that speed.  Some babies will soon need more than what classes can deliver so we move the goal posts and give them more intensive lessons.  Usually the first step is to attend a smaller class where the teacher will naturally have more time to ensure that each child's experiences are being developed.  Parents are still in the water in these lessons but the teacher may take the children for some short 1-2-1 type activities. 

Once they are ready children will then move to a more recognised lesson format, either in a 1-2-1 or a 1-2-2 set up without the parents in  the water.  With this being such a step, initially the lessons are based entirely round fun and playing games until the children are relaxed and enjoying their lessons. Then the teacher will slowly begin to introduce more structured lessons working on all the FUNdamentals of swimming.