ASKA Swimming

Swimming Lessons, Baby Classes, Stroke Analysis and Swimming Club

Our lessons run along side the Flintshire Schools timetable. 

Please click here for details of the term times. 

We charge in advance for term time lessons and although the term is 39 weeks long we only charge for 36. This gives us a maximum of 3 lessons across the year that we can cancel without owing credits or refunds, for instance if there's staff illness or a problem with the pool. 

Payments are spread across all 12 months of the year. The payments below are monthly costs based on an average of 3 lessons a month. 

Payments should be made via BACS or Standing Order direct into one of our accounts. 

For lessons at Saltney our account details are:

Bank:  Santander

Sort Code: 720000

Account Number: 06937047

If your child is in our club set up and attends sessions at the Northgate Arena or Chester University then our club account details are:

Bank: Lloyds 

Sort Code: 306364

Account Number: 38323760

Lesson Prices

These prices are monthly costs for half hour lessons unless stated otherwise. 

  • Swim-a-Song                               £27
  • 1-2-1 (20 mins)                             £38
  • 1-2-1 (30 mins)                             £57
  • 1-2-2                                            £30
  • 1-2-3                                            £27
  • 1-2-4                                           £24
  • 1-2-5                                           £21
  • 1-2-6                                           £18
  • Adult Lessons (Group of 4)          £24

ASKA Swimming Club

Costs are monthly costs, location Chester University unless stated.
Level 1           Sun 5pm - 6pm (Northgate Arena)  / Sun 4-5pm, or 5-6pm (University)              £22.50
Level 2           Wed 6-7pm or 7-8pm.                                                                                    £22.50
Level 3           Friday 5pm - 6.30pm                                                                                      £30 
Level 4           Sun 4pm - 5.30pm and Wed 6.30 - 7.30                                                           £35
Level 5           Sun 4pm - 6pm, Wed 6-8pm,  and Fri 5-6.30pm                                               £39

There will also be costs for annual ASA Memberships and Gala Entries across the year. 

ASKA Stroke Analysis

Full Stroke Analysis                                                             £80

This is an hour to an hour and a half in the pool (no set time!) with full video analysis. This may be one stroke or all four. The choice is yours. You will be given a video report on each analysis so you can watch and recap on all thats covered plus access to all clips recorded during the session. 

Video Coaching                                                             £40 per hr

This is using the endless pool and the cameras to tweak your stroke with live feeds. No video report and no clips saved.

Pool Hire                                                                     £10 per hr

Hire the pool to train in. No cameras running. Just the pool to yourself - no public to dodge. Just set the speed and off you go. Ideal for triathletes. If you would like the cameras running the price would be £20 ph.

We often run special offer days and weekends - follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. 

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