ASKA Swimming

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Having been a teacher for nearly 20 years I have taught hundreds of children through to 'club standard' only to see them lose interest and quit. This became increasingly frustrating so we began to look into starting our own club. 

We began competing in April 2013 at the Bangor Diddy Meet... the team did amazingly well, we even managed to scrape into the medals with one of the last swims of the day thanks to my oldest nephew Duncan! That was it... I was hooked!

Since that gala we have gone from strength to strength both numbers wise and ability. Our swimmers have won lots of medals and awards and are improving all the time.  We are not a club that simply sends the swimmers off for countless lengths at a time. There is always a technical element and, with the help of the analysis pool, we are always keen to iron out any weaknesses swimmers might have. 

Our swimmers are always given personal target sheets for galas as we focus on each child racing against themselves rather than others. If they win medals/awards that is a bonus, beating a PB is more important to us. 

Currently our training sessions are : 

Sunday, Chester University 4pm - 6pm

Sunday, Northgate Arena 5pm - 6pm

Wednesday, Chester University 6pm - 8pm

Friday, Chester University 5pm - 7pm

If you would like more information please check out our dedicated club site, click on the link below!