ASKA Swimming

Swimming Lessons, Baby Classes, Stroke Analysis and Swimming Club

Our lessons at ASKA Swimming follow the British Gas Learn to Swim Pathway, which is a refreshed version of the National Teaching Plan for Swimming.  Children work through various awards ranging from Ducklings, Stages 1 - 7 then onto Synchronised Swimming, Water Polo, Competitive Swimming and various other aquatic sports. We like to make our swimmers appreciate how many doors open when you learn to swim so arrange a variety of experiences for them throughout each year. 

Our lessons run from 3.30pm through to 8pm each weekday evening and from 9am til 3pm Saturday and Sunday. Group sizes are small as we feel this ensures each child gets the required amount of attention from the teachers. Our teachers teach from in the water so they are always available to demonstrate skills they are teaching. 

Initially beginners are taught in either 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 classes. As they progress the group sizes increase. We carefully craft the groups to ensure peer pressure is used positively. For instance, we wouldn't put a 10 year old Stage 3 boy with a 3 year old Stage 3 girl. 

Our lessons are extremely popular and our waiting list is extensive - however if you can be flexible with your days and times then this will increase your chances of getting in. We have a waiting list for each day - so please try to be flexible when registering your interest.